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  Sydney Royal Easter Show


Christinne Stevenson

  • Led Australian Saddle Ponies
  • Ridden Australian Saddle Ponies 

Supreme Champion Led ASP Exhibit - Sandown Musical Note (Walker and Hooke Families), pictured with owner/handler Lindy Walker, ASP presenter Greg Liddle, judge Christinne Stevenson and announcer Carol Heuchan. (Photo: Brooke Stevenson)

Champion Ridden ASP Exhibit - Saravle Focused (Michelle and Raymond Haber), pictured with Hayden Memorial Trophy presenter Robert Grant, rider Kim Martin and judge Christinne Stevenson. (Photo: Brooke Stevenson)


  National Capital Horse Show, Canberra (EPC) 


Brooke Stevenson

  • Senior Ridden Challenge- held under lights on Saturday night 
  • Led Show Pony, Galloway, Hack
  • Open Pony Hacks, Galloway Hacks and Hacks
  • Riding Classes

RANVET Senior Ridden Challenge - Winner- CONCHERTO FF
Pictured with judges Mieke Bigg (QLD), Brooke Stevenson (NSW) and Suzy Coldebella (VIC), and with RANVET representative. Photo: Framed by Frame
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Supreme Led Hack- Willowmere Spellbinder (Michele Tomasi)

Supreme Adult Rider- Stephanie Debaecker (Heste Colour By Numbers)


  SHC WA Horse Of The Year Show, Serpentine, Western Australia) 


Brooke Stevenson (main Pony judge)

  • Show Horse Classes - Small Pony, Large Pony, Small Galloway, Large Galloway, Small Hack, Large Hack
  • Show Hunter Classes - Small Pony, Large Pony, Small Galloway, Large Galloway, Small Horse, Large Horse
  • Rider 12-15yrs and Rider 21-30yrs
  • Foundation Large Show Hunter Pony and Foundation Show Hack
  • Child's Large Show Pony



Small Show Pony Winner- Yatarla Park Showpiece (Indrizzi Family). Pictured with judges (l-r) Greg Trembath, Brooke Stevenson and Kerry Patchett

Small Show Galloway Winner- Gem Park Silk (C. Bolger). Pictured with judge (l-r) Brooke Stevenson, Kerry Patchett and Greg Trembath.


2012 SHC "Pitcher Partners" Pacific Coast Hack Championships- Grand National Qualifier (Horseworld, Nelson, NSW)


Brooke Stevenson (main Pony judge)

  • Newcomer Show Hunter Ponies and Show Hunter Horses, Preliminary Show Hunter Ponies and Show Hunter Horses
  • GN Qualifying classes... Leading Rein Pony, Small Saddle Pony, Large Saddle Pony, Small Saddle Hack, Small Show Hunter Pony, Large Show Hunter Pony, Small Show Hunter Galloway, Large Show Hunter Galloway, Large Show Hunter Horse, Rider under 12 yrs, Rider 12 and under 15 yrs, Rider 17 and under 21 yrs, Rider 21 yrs and over



First day (L-R) Julie Lloyd, Amanda Edwards, Brooke, Penny Sinnamon.

Second day (L-R) Julie Lloyd, Brooke, Amanda Edwards, Penny Sinnamon.

Champion Large Pony Hack "Regalbrook Show Off" (D & L Lambeth) with judges (L-R) Brooke Stevenson, Amanda Edwards and Julie Lloyd. (Photo: SWD Images)

Champion Large Show Hunter Horse "Revelwood Jukebox" (Deborah Bardell) with judges (L-R) Penny Sinnamon, Amanda Edwards and Brooke Stevenson. (Photo SWD Images)


2012 Snowy Mountains Horse Festival Hack Show (Cooma)


Brooke Stevenson

  • Led Show Hunter Pony, Galloway and Horse
  • Ridden Show Hunter Pony, Galloway and Horse
  • Working Hunter (Novice/Intermediate/Open)

2011 WP&CS Southern NSW Pony Classic and Youngstock Show

Brooke Stevenson

  • Show Horse and Show Hunter Led
  • Newcomer Show Horse and Show Hunter
  • Open Show Horse and Show Hunter 
  • Open Leading Rein and First Ridden
  • Native Leading Rein and First Ridden
  • Native Pony Challenge (qualifier for the 2012 National Native Pony Championships)

Christinne Stevenson

  • Riding Ponies
  • Australian Saddle Ponies
  • Australian Ponies
  • Partbred APSB and APSB/RP
  • Arabian Derivatives



Brooke and Christinne

Brooke with Supreme Ridden Exhibit, Nawarrah Park King Arthur (Lucy Hocking). Photo credit: Lorelle Mercer


2011 SHC North Queensland Show Horse Championships- Grand National Qualifier (Mackay, QLD)


Brooke Stevenson

  • Open Leading Rein
  • Open Show Small Pony/Large Pony/Small Galloway/Large Galloway/Small Hack/Large Hack
  • Open Show Hunter Small Pony/Large Pony/Galloway/Hack
  • Rider uner 12yrs, Rider 12-15yrs, Rider 15-17yrs, Rider 17-21yrs, Rider over 12yrs
  • Intermediate Show Hunters and Rider
  • Future Star


 L-R: Roger Fitzhardinge, Brooke Stevenson, Raymond Butler with the Best Future Star overall winner.

Roger, Brooke and Raymond!


2011 Batlow Ag Show (NSW)


Christinne Stevenson

  • Led Galloways/Hacks
  • Open Show Hacks/Galloways/Ponies
  • Adult Riders
  • Led/Ridden ANSA

Brooke Stevenson

  • Led Hunters
  • Open Show Hunter Ponies/Galloways/Hacks
  • Led/Ridden/Working Australian Stock Horse
  • Child Handlers/Pony Club Riders


Judges L-R> Jodie McClellan, Christinne Stevenson, Brooke Stevenson



 Supreme Champion Show Hack> Denhue Royal Design (Hughes Family)


Supreme Champion Show Hunter> Nawarrah Park King Arthur (Hocking Family)

2010 Wagga Wagga Ag Show (NSW)

Brooke Stevenson

  • Led Hunters
  • Hunter Ponies
  • Hunter Galloways
  • Hunter Hacks


Champion Led Show Hunter

Kylandee Shergar
Jenni Cesnik

Champion Show Hunter Galloway

Emma Finemore

Champion Show Hunter Hack

Springfield Miracle
Megan Hewitt


Supreme Show Hunter of the Show

and Champion Hunter Pony

Melody Park Heavenly Pearl
Parker Family

My awesome steward for the day, Kelsey!


2010 Bedgerabong Ag Show (NSW)

Christinne Stevenson

  • Galloways
  • Hunter Galloways
  • Hacks
  • Hunter Hacks
  • Ponies
  • Riders

Brooke Stevenson

  • Ponies
  • Hunter Ponies
  • Galloways
  • Hunter Gallways
  • Hacks



(L-R) Brooke and Christinne and Kerrie Ebbeck pictured with Supreme Hack (and Champion Hunter Hack) Risbrough (S&R Wessel)


2010 Goulburn Ag Show (NSW)

Brooke Stevenson

  • Adult Riders 
  • Led Hacks
  • Small Hacks
  • Large Hacks
  • Show Hunter Hacks
  • Led ANSA
  • Ridden ANSA


(l-r) Michael Gates, Dimity Erickson and Brooke Stevenson with their Supreme Hack, Glendon Brae Oscar (owned by W. Pratley, ridden by Jess Stalling).


2010 Adelong Ag Show (NSW)

Christinne Stevenson

  • Pony Hacks
  • Galloway Hacks
  • Hacks
  • Led Ponies/Galloways
  • Junior/Senior Riders

Brooke Stevenson

  • Pony Hacks
  • Galloways Hacks
  • Hacks
  • Show Hunters
  • Led Hacks
  • Led Show Hunters
  • Adult Riders
  • Ridden Pony Breeds


Brooke (left) and Christinne (right) with their Supreme Hack, Nightlife (Deanne Benton)

2010 VASA Saddle Horse Championships (VIC)

Christinne Stevenson

  • Large Ponies
  • Small Galloways
  • Small Hacks

Christinne (middle) pictured with her Champion Small Galloway, Dunelm Showdown (M Zammit)


2009 APSB Sydney Regional Show (NSW)

Christinne Stevenson

  • Part Welsh
  • Arabian Ponies
  • Arabian Riding Ponies
  • Children's Ridden Ponies
  • Leading Rein

Brooke Stevenson

  • Australian Ponies
  • Partbred Australian Ponies
  • Australian Riding Ponies (APSB/RP)
  • Open Ponies
  • Show Hunter Ponies
  • Australian Saddle Ponies
  • Child Handlers



2009 Sydney Royal Easter Show (NSW)

Christinne Stevenson

  • Australian ponies, in-hand and ridden
  • Australian pony partbreds, in-hand and ridden
  • Australian pony Riding ponies, in-hand and ridden


Christinne with her Champion Led Australian Mare- Koora-Lyn Propechy (Koora-Lyn Stud and D. Phillips)

(Photo Credit: Narelle Wockner) 

Christinne with her Champion Ridden Australian Pony- Rose Air Britney (Pat Lenihan and Jo Uppington), pictured with trophey presenter Anne Gavin. (Photo Credit: Narelle Wockner)



2009 Royal Canberra Show (ACT)

Brooke Stevenson

  • Pony Club Girl Riders



  2009 Crookwell Ag Show (NSW)

Brooke Stevenson

  • Galloway and Pony Hacks



2008 Australian Saddle Pony Nationals (Castle Hill, NSW)


-Christinne Stevenson

  • In-hand n/e 12.2h
  • Ridden n/e 12.2h

-Brooke Stevenson 

  • In-hand 13.2-14.2h
  • Ridden 12.2-13.2h

-Julie Gibson

  • In-hand 12.2-13.2h
  • Ridden 13.2-14.2h

   (L-R) Brooke, Julie and Christinne with the Supreme Ridden ASP Exhibit-                       Wynara Lyric, (Anne Charlesworth)

(Photo Credit: Alicia Birch)



2008 Wagga Wagga Ag Show (NSW)

Christinne Stevenson

  • APSB, ASP, Coloured, Open Ring

Brooke Stevenson

  • RP, Welsh, PW, Open Ring


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